Little time nor effort is required with LAbrow soap, Dampen a clean spoolie brush or you can also use a setting mist like you would use to hold your makeup. It gives the brows an extra hold. Then, apply it to the brows, both brushing up and backcombing and up again until you get them styled where you want Them. Lorenna’s advice is not to go overboard on the soap right away;you'll get better hold and have more control of hair placement if you apply the soap in thin layers.

LABrow Styling

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  • .glycerin, Sorbitol

    .vitamin E

    . Coconut oil

    .Olive Oil

    .Jojoba Oil



  • 1. Spray some water to the brushes, (not the soap directly)

    2. Dip ur brow groomer into brow soap lightly coat the bristles with product, brush though your brows, flicking upwards and out create fetured look.

    3. this brow soap can be work alone or over ur favourite brow cushion, powder, pencil or pen.

    4. It can stay over 24 hours if you dont touch water.